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Saturday, 3 May 2014

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As My Home Town

Semarang is one of the the big city in Indonesia. It is the capital of central java. I belief that all of people who live in java will be know where Semarang are. Semarang is is a densely populated city. It has an area of 373.70 square kilometres (144.29 sq mi) and a population of approximately 2 million. For that reason it is crowded and bustling with lots of cars, bemos, pedicabs, taxis, traders, markets, shops, shoppers, busy school children. All frantically going about their business. If you close your eyes I'm sure you can imagine the din of the horns, chattering ladies, laughing children, hard bargaining traders and all the other the noises of city life competing with each other to be heard.
As the big city, Semarang have a lot of public facility, such as: public transportation, library, city park, museum, monument, hospital, magnificent buildings etc. There are so mosque in Semarang, and one of the best is Masjid Agung Semarang. It’s architecture takes a form of appearance in a new composition that takes the model of the guardians of tradition by putting the universal style of Islamic architecture at the center on the building by emphasizing the main dome is equipped with a pointed towering over all four sides. Moreover Masjid Agung Semarang inaugurated by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono the president of Indonesia.
Semarang, my home town has some monument and cultural preservation, “Tugu Muda” monument to remember war that was happen in Semarang, and one of the glorious cultural preservation in Semarang is “Lawang Sewu”. Its even inaugurated by the wife of president a few years ago.
Semarang is one of the most attractive cities Indonesia because it is right on the water's edge. We can see a magnificent view and many picturesque islands from the promenade at the city's Marina Beach. likewise, on Marina Beach we can also eat and enjoy the traditional food of Semarang, such as Lumpia, Wingko Babat, Wedang Tahu and Ganjel Rel while we watch the sun go down in a ball of flaming red and orange. it's a magical place to be in the cool of the evening with the fresh smell of the ocean air and the spicy aroma of delicious meals cooking in carts all around.
Next, there is a famous market and its name is “Pasar Johar “. It sells foods, clothes, foodstuff, etc. I think it is complete market that provides many things. Everyone is busy selling their comoditis.On the other hand, there is also a big department store; its name is “Simpang Lima Public square“ in area of Simpang Lima. They are very crowded and noisy every day. It is a famous department store in Semarang. However, the price of foodstuff in big market is cheaper than Rita Pasaraya department store. Consequently, the people can choose the cheapest until most expensive.
Everyone knows that the dialect of Semarang is very unique and strong. I think people will understand when they hear an accent typical of Semarang.
In Semarang, there are a lot of celebration. And one of them called as “dugderan”. Dugderan is always held before “Ramadhan” occur. In dugderan there are a lot of traditional games and a lot of stuff which sold. Either they sell piggy banks, accessories, pants, t-shirts, etc. The stuff which sold there was usually inexpensive. Dugderan in the past was the best celebration for local people, but as every year passes it starts to be unattractive.

In order to make tourist interest come to Semarang, every May Semarang hold a street festival which shows many interesting culture. Start from traditional culture until modern one. For that reason, the people love that town so much because Semarang is the crowded with many beautiful and interesting things.



Gianyar, is one or second big city in bali after denpasar, many people in the many country know this regency, because, Gianyar is one of the famous regency in the world, and in the Gianyar’s downtown, is is desently populated city. I’m from one of vilages in Gianyar, and Gianyar is my lovely place, because I born here.

Gianyar regency has many good and beautiful destination, and I can say that Gianyar is the best tourist destination in Bali, because, Gianyar regency is well known for as center of arts in Bali. There are many kinds of art like painting, dancing, carving, and also the art of place there. The beautiful places are Ubud, Batubulan, Tampak siring and many more. Ubud is situated in the part of Gianyar. In this area the people are well known for their artistic skills, such as sculpting and paintings. There are also a lot of hotels you can find as long as street, bungalows and restaurant where you can enjoy their holiday.
            Beside of that if you want to watch a performance, that is called Barong and Rangda dance you can go to Batubulan, where this dance tell about Barong as darma and rangda as adarma in the end this story dharma will be a winner and adarma will be die, besides, you also buy statue made of sandstone there.
            Gianyar is not only popular for the dancing, paintings and sculpting but also famous for its ancient and historical places, such as gunung kawi and tirta empul the temple can be found in tampak siring district. In tirta empul there are two bathing places have been valued by the people because of the spring water’s curative powers. Regular ceremonies are held here for purification. Overlooking Tirta empul is Soekarno’s palace, Istana Negara.
            If people go to gianyar, roasted pig’ Babi Guling’ is the one famous food that can be tried by them who want to taste its delicious and let’s visit to gianyar regency because there you can find a lot of tourists object that make you happy to enjoy your holyday
            Let’s go to the Gianyar and Don’t forget to come in my house in Tulikup, the good vilage and good place for your destination
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